The Sconery

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Scone Flavours
White Chocolate Rasperry
Premium white chocolate gives this scone an amazingly rich and deep flavour. Topped with a tangy raspberry icing.
Blueberry Peach 
Large whole blueberries and chunks of peach stud this super-moist scone. Topped with a coarse sugar.

Cinnamon Honey
Made with chunks of cinnamon honey butter folded into the batter
Lemon Poppy Seed
Loaded with poppy seeds and lemon flavour and topped with a vanilla bean and lemon royal icing
Bacon Cheddar and Chive
Perfect for breakfest or any other time of day, loaded with this classic trio of flavours and topped with melted cheddar and fresh-cracked black peppercorns
Cheddar Chive
All the same deliciousness as the bacon cheedar scone minus the bacon
Pistachio Almond and Cranberry
Studded with pistachios, dried cranberries, and almonds. This combination is sure to put a smile on your face. Topped with pistachio icing.
Orange Coconut
Generous amounts of fresh orange zest and shredded coconut bring lots of fresh flavour to this scone
Plain and simple!
Loaded with raisins
My personal favourite. All pumpkin and a bit of cinnamon. Light and fluffy.